Jeremy Besgrove

Jeremy Besgrove

Jeremy grew up in Fairbury, IL for most of his life. He is married to Annie and together they have 6 daughters.

He describes the context of churches in his hometown as an unique and extreme blend of different beliefs. For Jeremy, this caused much confusion in his early life, and so he set out to understand more about God.

As the Lord drew him to truth, Jeremy went to the Scriptures with the weight of conviction over sin. Thinking the Bible would help appease the guilt he felt, he read through the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, only to recognize that his depravity and sin was much deeper than he realized.

He came to the ultimate conclusion that no religion could save his soul…but God could! The grace of God led him to desperation and then salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. In turn, this created a hunger and thirst for embracing the truth of God’s Word as a central passion of his ministry and life.

Jeremy serves at Lexington Community Church as an elder, adult Sunday School Teacher, and on the leadership council of the Family Ministry Team.

Associate Pastor
Andrew Gerber