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The Acts of God

Our study of the book of Acts will focus primarily on the activity of the Triune God. Setting the stage in chapter one, the Father fulfills a promise (1:4), the Son accomplishes His work of redemption on earth and returns to heaven (1:2-3, 9), and the Holy Spirit empowers believers to be witnesses of this great gospel of salvation (1:8).
The rest of the book gives miraculous details on how God worked in and through His people to spread the message of Jesus Christ from the epicenter of Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. However, this book is not just a historical record of how God worked in antiquity. It is also a reminder that God still powerfully works today through the Holy Spirit so that His people make much of Jesus Christ!
Acts 1:8, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my [Jesus] witnesses.”

Wednesday Evenings @ LCC

Lexington and surrounding communities: Our Wednesday evenings are on break for the summer.
Beginning September 18th and running through the end of April 2025, we invite you to join us for Wednesday evenings at the church!

Meal @ 5:30 · AWANA classes @ 6:00 · A variety classes for adults @ 6:15.

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Living Alternatives: Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC)

We are thankful to support the Pregnancy Resource Center in Bloomington, IL. Their clinic is open Monday – Thursday. You can call to schedule an appointment or walk in. They are available to answer your questions and would love to connect you with the resources you need.


The purpose of our library at LCC is to help us love God better. Books can help us to better understand God’s Triune being and his character, the world he has made, and the things he has done. The Bible is, of course, the one indispensable and absolutely authoritative means to knowing God, and it should be the book that we “live in,” as well as the standard by which we evaluate every other book. However, we can also benefit greatly from the work of others who have thought deeply about God’s attributes, his word and his world, and how they apply to the ways we think and live.