Ephesians: Walking in Newness of Life

Ephesians: Walking in Newness of Life

Our series on the book of Ephesians emphasized the saving work that God has accomplished for us in Jesus Christ. In short, God’s rich blessings (1:3) have come to us through His eternal plan of bringing awakening life to our souls which naturally are dead to spiritual realities (2:4-5).

The life that God brings makes us new people on the inside, and together, these new people form a community known as the church. The aim of the church is to glorify God by moving forward in unity (4:3), love (5:2), light (5:8), and wisdom (5:15). All this is achieved as the church puts on the spiritual armor that God provides to His people (6:10-20).

A simple outline of the book can be remembered by these 3 words: Sit, Walk, and Stand. We have a Seat in heaven because of our union with Jesus (2:6), we are called to Walk in a manner worthy of our calling in Jesus (4:1), and we are to Stand firm as Christians in the strength of Jesus (6:10).


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