Church Use Policy

Church Use Policy


LCC  Facility Use Policy  *updated 2/17/15*

Any church member that desires to use the church facility for gatherings that do not require sound assistance or pastoral involvement are allowed to reserve use of the building at no cost as long as the following criteria are met:
Individuals must –
1.  Check with the church staff to ensure there are no conflicts with other calendar events at LCC.
2.  Leave the building as they found it, which involves room arrangement and janitorial work (including the removal of trash to the dumpster).
3.  Use the church within the time frame for which they reserve it.  This time should include any time for cleanup in case another group has reserved it for a later time.
4.  Be responsible for any damages that occur through irresponsible actions of their party.

Any non-members or organizations must meet with an appropriate staff member or the elders before gaining permission to use LCC’s facilities.  Non-members who are allowed to use the building must respect the same criteria as LCC members (see above).

LCC Wedding Policy *updated 2/17/15*

Who may be married at LCC?
– God’s Word mandates that Christians are not to marry outside the faith, so each person must be able to give testimony of their salvation experience.
– The bride or the groom is to be a member of LCC and in good standing (good standing refers to those who are honoring God with their faith and are regular attendees).
– Special circumstances may be considered if bride and groom have trusted Christ.
– Couples who have completed pre-marital counseling with one of the pastoral staff or elders.

Can visiting Pastors officiate a wedding at LCC?
– Visiting Pastors may be allowed to officiate a wedding upon approval of LCC’s elders.

What are the financial requirements for members to be married at LCC?
A $250 retainer fee will be required at the time of setting a date/making a reservation. This fee will be held as reimbursement to the church for any fees exacted as a result of the wedding (janitorial, maintenance, or supplies).
If a cancellation is made, then the fee will be returned.
– Wedding parties that set up and tear down for their weddings must see that the building is as they found it if they are to receive back their retainer fee. LCC will inspect the property and determine if the fee is to be returned.   – – Parties that desire to set up and tear down as well as do all the janitorial services must declare their intentions when the wedding is scheduled.

What are the financial requirements for others to be married at LCC?
– A $500 retainer fee will be required a week before the wedding.
– $300 will be kept by the church for janitorial services and supplies used.
– $200 may be returned if the wedding party sets up and tears down the wedding and there are no damages to the church property (LCC will make that determination based upon inspection).
– There will be a $100 fee for the official (covers pre-marital counseling, rehearsal, and wedding) as well as another $75 for each additional person required to perform wedding (piano, sound tech).

What are acceptable times for weddings?
– Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons (all events must be complete by 7 pm Saturday night so that the facility can be prepared for Sunday worship services).
– No Sunday weddings are allowed at LCC.
– All weddings must not conflict with ongoing church ministries.

What additional policies are required of the wedding party?
– Intoxicated persons are not to be allowed on church property during the rehearsal, wedding, or reception
– No alcoholic beverages on church property or smoking in or near the building.
We ask all using LCC to honor God by:
using music that is appropriate  and not conflicting with Christian values.
avoiding vulgar or provocative dancing.
practice modesty in regards to dress
making sure that hired DJ’s or emcees are also honorable in their speech
– If you have questions about what is or isn’t appropriate please direct questions to the church leadership and we will be glad to explain our desires Biblically.

Additional information:
It is the responsibility of the wedding party to:
secure a sound tech from LCC to run sound for rehearsal, wedding, and reception.  Only trained techs from LCC are allowed to work with the sound systems in place.
to secure musicians
Seek approval of all music or video content to be used in the wedding service at least one week before the ceremony.  Submit that information to LCC.

– Photographers may take pictures during the ceremony, but must take care not to draw attention away from the couple that is celebrating their relationship in the presence of their loved ones.

It is a privilege to be married in God’s house and in God’s presence, so it is vital that each wedding party be responsible for every member and guest that attends their wedding.  It is the responsibility of each Christian to conduct themselves at all times as Jesus would conduct Himself if He were here.

Please remember that the way you carry out your responsibilities impacts the weddings that follow yours.  If groups neglect the requests of the LCC family it may hinder the wedding parties that are to follow.  Abused privileges you enjoy may be taken from those after you due to any irresponsibility.  LCC desires for each marriage to be God-honoring and edifying to all who attend.

Please inform your wedding parties and your guests of what is acceptable so your wedding experience will be all it can be.   Please realize that LCC will not tolerate any disrespect or violation of these wedding policies by any of the wedding party, those hired to facilitate the wedding, or by any of the guests.  Violators will be asked immediately to leave the church property.

Those wedding parties agreeing to the above stated policies will be required to sign a contract with the church before their wedding will be scheduled.