Reformation 500

Reformation 500

On the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Lexington Community Church along with a number of other Central Illinois churches, collaborated to discuss many of the events and characters of the Reformation.


Sermons –


“Revive-the-Drive: Reformation”


“Here We Stand” from


“Luther,” directed by Eric Till (DVD, 2004)

“Are the Five Solas in the Bible?” from

Books –

  • “The Reformation: How a Monk and Mallet Changed the World” by Stephen J. Nichols
  • “The Reformation: What you Need to Know and Why” by Michael Reeves
  • “Why the Reformation Still Matters” by Michael Reeves
  • “Theology of the Reformers” by Timothy George

Journal –

“The Reformation and Your Church” from

Course Lectures –

“On the Reformation” by Carl Trueman via the Gospel Coalition


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