Brian Geiselman

Brian Geiselman

Brian grew up in Bloomington, IL and now lives just up the road in Chenoa with his wife, Mandy and daughter, Nora.

Brian and Mandy started attending Lexington Community Church in 2013. At that time, the Lord began doing a work in Brian’s life to convict him of the realization that he did not have control over his own life. He also grew in his understanding of the truth that apart from Christ, he was spiritually lost.

Through the message spoken at Lexington Church that there is forgiveness and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, Brian heard the truth that God is in control. Brian now testifies that he once was spiritually lost, but now is found by Christ.

In 2018 Brian began serving in the church as a deacon. He is thankful for the opportunity to help people, often in small ways, but ways that make a big difference. Brian and his family enjoy spending time together, going to the movies, attending church events, and going on vacation.

Associate Pastor
Andrew Gerber