LCC Song List for Corporate Worship

LCC Song List for Corporate Worship

Corporate worship is not a spectator event intended to be watched, but rather a family gathering, in which to be involved. As we participate in corporate worship, it is helpful to consider both our participation and how we are encouraging the participation of our neighbors around us while we worship.

As we worship through singing, we hope these playlists will enable you to know the songs we sing and to sing with all your heart, soul, mind and strength- to God and to your neighbor.

LCC’s Corporate Worship Songs Playlist- Spotify
Sunday Playlist By Date- Spotify

We are thankful for the availability of Spotify to share these songs with you. However, as with all such technologies, we need to use wisdom and discernment in our use of the platform. For instance, many advertisements may not be helpful or edifying. If these ads prove to be distracting you could upgrade to a paid, ad-free subscription. ($11.99/month or $99/year- contact the office for details). Alternatively, you may be able to find third party tools to block objectionable ads.

In addition to ads, we encourage discernment in the music that may be suggested to you based on these playlists. Our goal at LCC is to choose and sing songs that are Biblically faithful, theologically rich, easily understood and congregationally friendly. We have also tried to select recordings of those songs that are similar to the arrangements we sing at LCC. However, even though we have chosen a recording by any particular artist, not all songs performed by that artist may meet the criteria listed above, so please use discernment in this area as well. We pray that the music on this list will be edifying and encouraging to you.