By The Way Conference- Missions & Outreach

By The Way Conference- Missions & Outreach

What did Jesus mean when he said “Go” in Matthew 28:19?
What is the relationship between discipleship, missions, and outreach? What are the differences?
What am I called to as a believer?

These are the types of questions we are excited to discuss at this year’s By the Way conference. We have planned a variety of ways to fellowship, pray, and learn together about these different topics. There will be a potluck each evening at 5:30 with Friday’s potluck being focused on ethnic food. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday Evening: Regular style potluck.
Shelley Hari from Welcome Home Haiti is scheduled to speak on missions and outreach based on the Hari’s experiences in Haiti.

Friday Evening: Ethnic Potluck. Bring your ethnic dishes!
Classes will be held for further teaching and discussion on discipleship, missions, and outreach.

Nurseries will not be staffed but will be open and available for use as needed.