COVID updates and guidelines

COVID updates and guidelines

Worship Schedule:

  • 8:30-9:30: Adult and Youth Sunday School.
  • 9:30-10:00: Fellowship time
  • 10:00: Worship Service begins (live stream begins here at 10:00am)
    • Children are dismissed for Children’s Church (K-2nd grade) at beginning of the sermon.

COVID Guidelines

Update from the ATF 8.24.21

As the world continues to change and we hear words like COVID, variant, pandemic, vaccines, masks, mandates – First, remember the Lord your God does not change and there is nothing new under the sun. Second, we want you to know that the ATF and church leadership continues to pray and seek God’s guidance and wisdom on how we can do our best to navigate through these times. 

At the beginning of the summer when our church went back to “normal” seating and relaxed our COVID guidelines, many anticipated that when the fall hit we might have to change things again. That being said, COVID numbers are on the rise and people we know are fighting it. As a church we want to do our best to love and care for all as we move forward while still maintaining our worship,  fellowship, and serving as a priority. 


  • As of right now all things will go on as they are – Sunday school classes, nursery, children’s church, and activities
  • But, please be mindful of those that are vulnerable and have weakened immune systems
  • We ask that if you or a family member become sick, please stay home. Even if it is just the sniffles, this can be a symptom of COVID. You do not have to have a fever to have COVID so please don’t base your decision on a fever.
  • Please remember that even taking care of small things can help a great deal (like covering your mouth when you sneeze and washing or sanitizing your hands often)
  • If you choose to wear a mask, we support you in that. If you choose to stay home and join online, we support you in that. Please know you are loved and a vital part of LCC if you are home online or sitting in a chair at the building. We understand these times are different and we want you to stay healthy and safe.
  • Please remember those that choose to stay home still need to be stirred up in good works and love. 
  • Finally, the side (South) entrance will still be available for those that want to enter and leave with less contact from others, and spaced seating will be provided on the side for those that would like to use them.

That being said, please pray for one another and for those who are advising in these matters as we seek His wisdom, guidance, and heart to lead and love His people and be a light to the lost. Please be patient and understanding as we may have to make changes as we move deeper into the fall. We understand the burnout from all this, we understand some are concerned and some just want to move on from even talking about COVID, The truth is COVID is here and we have to manage how we handle it so that it brings God the glory. We are thankful for the love of one another and unity at LCC and may these continue to be a priority over our own thoughts and opinions.

May we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ , loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, Loving our neighbors before ourselves, being a light to a lost world and pointing all upward in glorifying God.

Sincerely, the ATF team

Update from the ATF and elders May 2021

In collaboration with the elders, the ATF team has recommended that we move our COVID guidelines to “optional” beginning May 2nd. This includes Sunday School classes going back to their original classrooms on May 2nd as well.

From the ATF:
We encourage all who desire to wear a mask to continue to do so as you see fit. If someone is wearing a mask, we ask that everyone respectfully give them some extra space and limit physical contact. In addition, the chairs on the south end of the sanctuary will remain spaced further apart for anyone wishing to continue social distancing. We encourage everyone to please continue to exercise caution and wisdom with hand washing and staying home if feeling unwell.

We did not take this decision lightly, we arrived here after much prayer and discussion. We understand the virus is still around, it’s still dangerous, but ultimately our reasons are: the infection numbers are down reasonably from when this started, the hospitals are handling the cases, the vaccines are available, and lastly understanding that the “perfect” time may never arrive.

We understand that some will believe this is too soon and some that it hasn’t happened soon enough. We ask for grace for ourselves – we are limited in our knowledge and as much as we try to set aside our own preferences, we are flawed human beings who are influenced by our desires and experiences more than we care to admit. God has been gracious and merciful to us through all of this, and we trust in Him alone as we move forward.

From the elders:
From a spiritual perspective, the elders would like to remind everyone to keep our eyes on our heavenly Father who calls us to love as he has loved us. This will unite us and strengthen us to humbly serve each other. Like many areas not specified in Scripture, we are called to practice discernment and grace in matters like this. It is important not to pass judgement or condemnation on others for having preferences that are different than ours. Rather, let us act in grace and respect with the love of Christ toward others in our church, whether they are members or visitors.  

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact a member of the ATF team or one of the elders and we would be happy to assist.

“Now, may our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace, comfort your hearts and establish them in every good work and word.” 2 Thess 2:16-17 ESV

If you have any questions regarding our worship service, what we believe, or anything else – please contact us! We would love the opportunity to meet with you.